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Tip’s, Tactic’s and Advice from our special operator Dutch from The Timberwolves in Hamilton.


Rise of a Revolt – Magfed Exclusive Event

Dutch from the Timberwolves has been busy preparing for Rise of a Revolt, an upcoming 24 hour paintball event that is exclusive to magfed players.   Rise of a Revolt is set in a fictional turn of events where democracy has led to corruption, war and ultimately a near apocalyptic environment. Consequently the answer to mankind’s […]


Ten Ways to Improve Your Bush Ball Game

Get your sneak on Keeping a watch your footing can make a huge difference in the bush. As discussed later on, you will often hear a target before you see them. So your job is to keep your noise to as low as possible. Dry debris can make a lot of racket especially if your […]


APC Mag Fed Operators Group Video

Auckland Paintball Club Mag Fed Operators at The Slaughterhouse in Taupuri, New Zealand. Bjorn from the Timberwolves was running the group through target time trials where players had to complete a course using a primary and secondary marker in the lowest time possible. Followed by a scenario game, it was a great days paintballing.  


Magfed Paintball, Give it a Try….You’ll Love it!!

October last year a group of 12 players from the Auckland and Waikato region was deployed in Wellington to partake in a Military Simulation Event called Toxic Fury. This was run by Team MSW and our eyes were opened. The day was for the hardcore Milsim player who wanted to take it to the next […]