Gun Perks

All paintball markers are different. We have labeled our markers with ‘Gun Perks’ This is an easy way for you to see how many major features a marker has.


Mag Fed is the ability to load paintballs via a magazine instead of a hopper. This type of marker offers a more realistic game as you are much more limited on ammo and you must take more care in aiming your shots. Every shot counts…

Modes means that the marker has firing modes. Modes became legal in NZ in December 2013. You can read more about the legislation here. Modes may include:

  • Semi Auto – Fires one ball with one pull of the trigger.
  • Burst Fire – Fires 3 or 6 balls consecutively with one pull of the trigger.
  • Full Automatic – Fires continuously when the trigger is held down. Sometimes its is Safety Full Auto (NXL MODE) which could mean that 3 quick pulls of the trigger is required first before full auto will engage.
  • PSP Ramping – Ramping begins after 3 shots; the player must maintain at least one pull per second to achieve/maintain ramping. The marker may then fire up to (and no more than) three balls per trigger pull in a “burst” fashion. Rate of fire cannot exceed 12.5 balls per second (as of 2011), even if the player pulls the trigger 5 times per second or faster.
  • NXL Ramping – Ramping begins after three shots; the player needs only to hold down the trigger to maintain fully automatic fire. Rate of fire cannot exceed 15 balls per second. Firing must cease immediately upon the trigger being released.
  • Millennium Ramping – Ramping begins after six trigger pulls at a minimum rate of 7.5 pulls per second; the player must maintain 7.5 trigger pulls per second to maintain ramping. Rate of fire cannot exceed 10.5 balls per second. When the player ceases to pull the trigger during ramping, no more than one extra ball may be fired after the last pull.

First Strike rounds by Tiberius Arms is a new technology in paintballs. These are special rounds that are shaped more like a real bullet so they can travel 2x the distance and are 25x more accurate than traditional paintballs. These rounds can only be used in special magazines and can only be loaded into certain markers. They have stabilizing fins on the edges so they spin out of the barrel. This works best when combined with a rifled barrel.

Electronic markers have circuit board and solenoids and require batteries to operate. Electronic guns are very air efficient and offer a variety of modes for different rates of fire.

Eyes is a feature that prevents a paintball gun from firing until a paintball is completely loaded into the firing chamber. Ensuring that all paintballs are completely loaded before firing limits the number of chopped paintballs. Think of it as a small beam of light in the breech of your marker that must be broken before the marker will fire.. So when a ball loads, the beam is broken and tells the gun yes you can fire now. This happens very fast and eyes can still operate correctly at rates of 20+bps.

Air Thru mean that the marker has an Air Thru stock. This can be either a air cylinder fitted directly into the stock or remote line access in the stock. Effectively this makes the gun more realistic and keeps the weight from the bottle off the end of your marker or from your vest. Generally Air Thru stocks have 13ci cylinders in them.

Dual Loading indicates that the marker can swap between hopper and mag fed on the fly. This is especially effective when the marker can fire First Strikes as you can then run regular paintballs in your hopper, then when you need to take that long shot, quick change to First Strikes in the magazine!

Cyclone means that the marker has an assisted loader already installed. In the case of a Tippmann, the hopper is air assisted so every time you fire a shot, the hopper loads the next ball in much quicker than with gravity. With BT guns, the Rip Clip hopper is electronic but is still built into the marker. Remember if you want to fire fast, you need to also load fast or you will chop paintballs.

An Apex barrel  is used to put back spin on the ball which will help it travel further. This is achieved by a small adjustable tongue in the tip of the barrel that the ball hits which spins the ball in the air and makes it travel further. Apex also allows you to rotate the barrel and curve your shots around obstacles. If you’re a “sit back and shoot” player, an Apex is for you.

Chuck Norris means that we think this gun ROCKS! The marker is true tried and tested and we know that it will stand up to the most brutal battles with both firepower and toughness.