The New Zealand Local Series Round 1 (Rotorua)


This was the first of 8 rounds and it was great seeing a lot of familiar faces and a few new ones.

The Camo Meat boys headed down for this event with two teams the Camo Meat Heads and the Camo Meat Beaters coming in at 3rd place and 4th place, we came very close for both teams getting into the top 3 positions. As a lot of our team hadn’t played in a while we were all very chuffed with the results, but those results didnt come easy there was a lot of frustrations within teams, which would cause players to make impulsive moves on the field either resulting in a player down or hopefully a kill and the heat just added to the frustration.

Everyone looks forward to  the tournament on the Sunday but they also look forward to the road trip because thats where you get to spend time hanging out with your team giving and receiving banter but its the time where you can discuss other things like their personal life, getting to know your team i mean family on the field and off the field helps make that bond even stronger.


Big Congratulations to Expendables for taking that first place!!!


thanks to all teams and hosts.