Paintball Video Games

We all love to play paintball and a lot of us enjoy playing videos why not do both!!!

Maybe you need an reason to play like that Sunday games been rained out or you broke your leg and dont want to play, then you can experience the game from the comfort of your home!!!

In Greg Hastings  newest paintball video game you can play a whole range of paintball fields, some based on actual field and some a figment of Greg’s imagination.

You also get to play with a fascinating range of guns from some of the newest markers on the market to some of the classics and even the unique.

With the new technology of experiencing things in 3d and even 4d when you can feel whats happening, someone took the idea of a paintball video game into a virtual reality simulation!!!!


Now this vid is pretty long so to save you from the boring bits youll skip any way skip to The 9 MINUTE MARK!!!!!