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OP ARMY SAYS: We HIGHLY recommend this marker if you want to get into mag fed paintball. In our experience, these are great value, very reliable and easy to maintain. They shoot accuratley with paint and FRS and perform well with efficiency getting more mags per tank than any other mag fed marker! (7-8 mags)


The Maxtact  TGR2 MK3 is the latest generation 0.68 Cal magazine fed paintball marker that is designed and constructed with Law Enforcement and Military training in mind. The TGR2 is built from light-weight CNC Machined T6 Aluminum Alloy and Nylon Fiber, it features fully ambidextrous controls (mag release, selector switch, charging handle) and sling mounts on both sides of the rifle. This marker was designed with comfortable ergonomics and the entire marker can be disaseembled in less than 2 minutes without the use of any tools, making it extremely easy to take apart for cleaning and maintainence.

The lightweight magazines hold 18 0.68 Cal Paintballs, First Strike or 121 Rounds, while the marker itself features a transparent chamber window to instantly verify whether your empty.  The Air-Instock houses a 13ci 3000psi HPA Air Tank which is enough air for roughly 160 shots per full tank. The pistol grip can be interchanged with most Real Steel and Airsoft M4 GBB grips. The TGR2 MK2 comes with a Smoothbore Free-Floating Aluminum Barrel that is threaded for optional mock suppressors and is interchangeable with any A5 threaded barrels.


This is a TGR2 MK3 with ARES bolt & Gen III Short Air Block.


  • Mag Fed Only! No hopper attachment available!
  • 0.68 Cal. Open Bolt Semi-Auto Magazine Fed Paintball Marker
  • Fires 0.68 Cal Paintballs, First Strike Rounds and 121 Fin Stabilized Rounds
  • CNC Aluminum Upper and Nylon Polymer Lower Receiver
  • 18 Round Standard Magazine Included (First Strike Ready)
  • Air-In Stock System with 13ci 3000psi HPA Air Tank Included (~160 Shots/Full Tank)
  • Ergo Pistol Grip, Interchangeable with Real Steel M4/AR-15 or Airsoft M4 GBB Grips.
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release, Selector Switch and Charging Handle
  • Front and Rear Iron Sights
  • Clear See-Through Chamber Window to see if you have ammo remaining.
  • Tooless Quick Disassembly for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.
  • Powered by HPA, Nitrogen or CO2


The only difference between the regular TGR2 and the CQB version is the barrel and shroud. Everything else is the same.


TGR2 MK3 (this one):

  • 7″ Aluminum RIS Rail Shorud
  • 9″ Smoothbore Barrel with Standard Muzzle Break (A5 Threaded)


  • 4.5″ Aluminum RIS Rail Shorud
  • 6.5″ Smoothbore Barrel with Quad-Tip Muzzle Break (A5 Threaded)


Package Includes

  • MAXTACT TGR2 MK3 Marker
  • 13ci HPA cylinder
  • 1x 18 Round Magazine
  • Aluminum Iron Front & Rear Sights
  • Velocity Spring Kit
  • O-Ring Kit
  • CD Manual



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5 reviews for Maxtact TGR2 MK3 – Mag Fed Paintball Marker

  1. 4 out of 5

    To justify the 4 star rating before i get into my review.. this is a 5star marker but theres 2 reasons behind my 4star rating…

    #1.. not all players want a magfed only marker but those who want hopper should already know this is a magfed only marker.

    #2.. no options on firing mode.. semi auto only with no 3 burst or full auto triggers (that i know of yet). Not that its needed as this is really accurate out of the box.

    Now to my review.. first off this is a solidly built steel marker.. with a nice strong and sturdy poly lower.. no rattles or anything that feels loose. im pretty good at destroying anything plastic (and sometimes steel) so this is important to me ecspecially as i need to use my marker to push down bush and small trees at times.. the build quality and versatilaty of this marker is great.. comes standard with a 4 rail shroud and has alot of room for accesories. I have also found the apex2 attachment will slide onto the standard barrel and remain on if you remove the ring at the muzzle end of the shroud.. this combo i find very very accurate.
    The verlosity setting is via the supplied springs and i found my medium preset spring is consistant 265fps which is perfect for my apex2 and good paint on all fields played in nz, with cqb fields as a exception.. Set and forget.
    Cleaning and maintaining of the marker is also as simple as removing 3 push type pins and the best part is nothing is spring loaded so you wont have to worry about parts flying out all over the show if your breaking the marker down in game.. a full upper clean and reassemble takes just 3-5mins without rushing.. i am still yet to break paint in this marker.
    The mag well accepts the honorcore mags perfect feeds and releases with smooth operation never chopped and squashed a ball yet. Its awesome that the standard marker will accept first strike rounds out of the box with no mucking around and even with the standard barrel the accuracy is deadly.. also good to note that if your out of paint and a friend close has some full mags from another brand of marker you can use their mags in your marker if you engaged in a fire fight And dont have time to reload your mags. With the mag release on bothsides of the marker its ready for left and right handed shooters and also features a view window on both sides to ensure you still have paint and what kind of round is being fed.
    The marker is very air effecient. I currently have 5 mags in total and im still yet to run out of air.
    The marker is also very well balanced and not that you ever would but can be operated with one hand easily.
    I took my time when choosing which milsim marker i wanted to put my hard earned money into.. I was looking for something under 1k and robust enough to last me and my style of game play.. it also had to be magfed and accept first strikes.. and after playing alot of games with this HonorCore TGR2 i know i have made the right choice.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Have shot this marker a few times now, and have found it to be fantastic. Probably the best mag feed marker in my collection. is solidity built but still light enough you can cart it round all day with no fatigue,even when you do eventually run out of air (for me that was after almost 8 full mags being put thru it) and put it on a sling still hardly notice it. Is very well balanced with the 13ci bottle in the stock
    reliability is not an issue after a couple of games and probably close to 400 rounds being put thru it it still hasn’t chopped a round miss fired or double loaded. in fact have had no major issues with marker at all and aside from cleaning it after every use have not had to strip it down in field yet. Kept in mind too that some of the ammo Ive been using is quite old had since march
    Even with the old ammo it is very accurate even with just the iron sights. my rap4 mags fit it perfectly so means in game if i run out can swtich mags no worries, also the viewing window -which is easy to see even without having to tilt marker on its side- saves having to count your shots or waiting for deadmans click.
    wondering why after all this why only four stars then?
    two things id give it five stars except for the fire selector switch although being ambidextrous is a little awkward to use set a little to far back and for only being a single selector switch (no Modes available as yet) has a very long pull thru from safe to fire.
    and the stock support rail once attached is dead straight and doesn’t allow the hpa bottle to screw up tight,although this doesn’t seem to affect the marker at all it does leave the bottle a little loose and may rattle undone.
    ok so maybe three things but this one is only minor and of no real consequence. my package had everything as advertised except the barrel sock

  3. 5 out of 5

    I look for three things in a paintball gun. 1. Reliability. 2. Accuracy 3. Cool factor. I bought this marker because it has all three.

  4. 5 out of 5

    I own 3 Maxtact TGR2s. Because of their reliablity and being able to depend on them under any condition. I can safely say that all platforms preform flawlessly. Weither its a Ronin, standard TGR2 or even the X2 Commando.
    I believe the TGR series to be highly under-rated and unjustly passed over. But i would choose one any day to take onto the field without hesitation.

    Once your try one out. You wont regret it.

  5. 5 out of 5

    The TGR2 Marker:

    The Maxtact TGR2 is a fantastic magfed marker! I’ve been using mine for 12 months and have have no problems what so ever, reliable in all weather conditions including the rain. Every time I’ve pulled the trigger the marker shoots and cycles beautifully, with a very satisfying mechanical ‘thud’ as the bolt flies forward!

    The build quality and reliability of these markers for the price is awesome, I would certainly recommend these to any player wanting their first magfed marker. Cleaning and maintenance is very easy as the TGR2 tear down takes mere moments.

    Some people may not like the velocity adjustment method (you need to swap internal springs from the rear of the marker) however I personally find the ‘set and forget’ style appealing.

    In addition the trigger system only allows for semi auto (no 3 round burst or full auto as found on some other magfed markers) however magfed is more about making each shot count, so semi auto only is an acceptable feature in my opinion.

    The magazines are pretty reliable, the overall construction and quality of materials used is great. My only critique is that due to the way the detent system works sometimes the detect is accidentally activated when stored upside down in certain mag pouches.

    They shoot both standard .68 cal paintballs and first strike rounds without any issues and I have yet to experience issues with paintballs feeding (except when I dropped a mag, causing the broken paintball shell fragments to jam the follower inside the mag).

    Cleaning the mags should a break occur is as simple as flushing it out with warm water, shaking the excess water away and letting dry in the air.

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