Lapco Bigshot Apex Ready .687 Spyder 12 inch

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APEX READY : You can attach an apex 2 tip to this barrel. Not included.

SPYDER HAMMER 7 with an APEX 2??? No way!


The LAPCO one piece BigShot™ is a world-wide favorite among players looking for superior performance.  The BigShot™ barrel is the most accurate and the most gas efficient barrel available on the market today.  If you are tired of your barrel holding you back from top-level performance, this barrel will help you achieve elite status wherever you play.

LAPCO’s Tru-Bore™ technology sets it ahead of the pack. Each barrel is stiff arbor honed by a master craftsman.  The unique triple honing provides a superior mirror finish, roundness, straightness, cylindricity, concentricity, self-cleaning properties, and ultimately amazing accuracy.  These are the reasons for the legendary superiority of LAPCO barrels. 
All BigShot™ barrels have the easily recognizable 1 inch diameter muzzle tip, designed for harmonic stabilization. 

Bore: .687
Finish: Black Bead Blast

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