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Techt Zero kick Hammer is designed for Tippmanns with A.C.T. (ANTI CHOP TECHNOLOGY). Not currently used in anything except the Tippmann 98 ACT.

The Zero Kick Hammer  is the most profound performance upgrade you will ever experience in a Tippmann style marker. Using our patent pending MRT Technology™, we have reduced the internal moving mass of the hammer assembly by nearly half. Say goodbye to the clunky feeling, hand-numbing operation that you have come to expect from Tippmann 98 with ACT.

Say hello to a new age of smoother cycling, higher rates of fire,
and above all else…
Substantially Less Kick/Recoil!

Not only does the lightened weight of the Zero Kick Hammer  create less kick, it allows for higher rates of fire and a lower mechanical dwell. This lighter weight allows the Zero Kick Hammer to move back and forth more quickly. This means that you can fit more shots into any given amount of time, commonly called rate of fire or bps (balls per second).


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