Tippmann MP2 Elite – Electronic Paintball Marker


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Lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable, and best of all, dependable.


Well yeah thats pretty much what happened here!


The new STRYKER range of markers from the paintball powerhouse TIPPMANN is now available!

Note that these come with APEX 2 Barrels and RIP CLIP 2 Loaders pre installed!



  • Full electro-pneumatic marker
  • Low pressure Spool Valve design
  • 4 Firing modes: Semi, Burst, Ramping, Full Auto
  • Anti-Chop Break Beam Eye System
  • Adjustable telescoping shoulder stock
  • Top Picatinny rail for accessories
  • APEX2 barrel with shroud
  • Customizable design accepts aftermarket accessories
  • Easy access firing engine for maintenance
  • LED visual setting indicator
  • Durable stainless steel bottom-line hose
  • APEX2 barrel with shroud
  • Empire Rip Clip loader

The Tippmann Stryker features a fully Electro-Pneumatic design that makes it one of the quietest and smoothest shooting spool-valve Tippmann markers ever designed.

The Tippmann Stryker has a fully programmable board with firing modes including semi, burst, ramping and full-auto. These markers are tournament legal as they require an allen key to change settings.

All of the new Stryker markers are Autococker threaded so it will accommodate the majority of paintball barrels on the market.

Not only is the marker well-built but the maintenance is extremely easy.  Access to the to the firing engine is fast so you can get in, lube everything and keep your Stryker in top shape. The customizable design makes hundreds of accessories including lasers, flashlights, rails and scopes easy to install.



  • Calibre: .68
  • Action: Spool Valve
  • Firing Modes: semi, burst, ramping and full-auto
  • Capable Propellant: HPA
  • Firing Rate: 15 BPS
  • Trigger: Electric
  • This gun accepts Autococker thread barrels


  • Length:?cm
  • Weight:?kg (without cyllinder)
  • Barrel Length:?” Barrel


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