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Dog Cafe

Two Auckland cafés have made an absolute dog’s breakfast of their latest publicity stunt, which will see green-lipped mussels and free-range meat being fed to mutts. For four weekends, the Kohi Beach and Takapuna Beach Cafés will feature a special canine menu allowing patrons to indulge their four-legged friends with a healthy treat. ‘Bone Appetit’ […]


Hells Angels PokeStop!!!!!

Pokemon Go is getting people out and about, with one stop taking Kiwis to a gang pad. The augmented reality app exploded in popularity at the weekend with thousands of Kiwis wandering around capturing Pokemon and claiming “gyms” based on real world landmarks. Whanganui’s Hells Angels headquarters is getting extra traffic as users show up […]


Empire EVS Masks!!!!

Empire has combined cutting edge design with input from our vastly experienced players to create the unique EVS goggle. Our goggle is at the forefront of innovative design and unlike any mask in paintball, where the wide-view spherical lens is seamlessly part of the overall goggle. EVS is the apex of technology, appearance, protection, and […]