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Empire EVS Masks!!!!

Empire has combined cutting edge design with input from our vastly experienced players to create the unique EVS goggle. Our goggle is at the forefront of innovative design and unlike any mask in paintball, where the wide-view spherical lens is seamlessly part of the overall goggle. EVS is the apex of technology, appearance, protection, and […]


WPBO 500 Paint Limit!!!!

WPBO introducing the 500 paint limit format One of the key governing principles of the WPBO is to constantly look for ways to grow the participation of paintball worldwide and to make it as affordable as possible while keeping the excitement and individuality of the game. We are all aware that one of the most […]


The Mustache Bunker WPBO

The World Paintball Organization  or better known as WPBO released their new bunker additions for the 2016 NXL, PALS and Millennium seasons. The surprise shocked the world as Facebook and Instagram feeds began blowing up with photos of Dave Bains (6’4) at his field Capital Edge Paintball Park in Sacramento, California with something never seen before. […]



BBE, Red Rum Touring and George FM present- Flosstradamus & TroyBoi on the WLDBYZ TOUR. Roll up your sleeves and prep those trap arms, as the mighty Flosstradamus returns to New Zealand in early 2016 for their latest incarnation, the: WLDBYZ TOUR. Joining Flosstradamus on the WLDBYZ TOUR will be UK producer and ‘Soundclash’-collaborator TroyBoi, […]