First Strike HERO HPA Cylinder Carbon Fiber - 4500PSI - 100ci

First Strike


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Guerrilla Air 88ci 4500PSI HPA Carbon Fiber Cylinder

Product Description

88 Cubic Inches (1.45 Liter) Carbon Fibre Tank

The most common tank for paintball guns. This works on everything!

5 Year Hydro Test
Most Compact
Lowest Profile
Lightest Weight
Guerrilla Air Myth Regulator stats:

– Rated for 4500 psi
– 800 psi output
– Low Profile Fill Nipple and Myth Micro Gauge for grip frame, ASA and drop forward clearance
– Only 3/4 inches (.75?) from bottle to ASA when screwed in!
– Lightweight… only 100gm!
– Virtually instantaneous recharge
– Rebuildable
– Replaceable tip

First Strike Hero Regulator stats:

The new FS Hero regulator features is industry leading with an ultra-low profile bonnet and features a tool-less adjustable position collar that allows you to change the position of the gauge and fill nipple. The First Strike Hero Regulator also has an adjustable output pressure, simply purchase the desired pressure kit and install – only 2 allen keys necessary.



  • Micro Gauge
  • Low-Profile Fill Nipple
  • Low-Profile Burst Disks(Low and High)
  • Adjustable Output Pressure
  • Tool-less Adjustable Positioning

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