Ninja LPR Airsoft Regulator Version 2



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Ninja LPR Air System Regulator for PolarStar Fusion Engines / HPA Systems

Ninja has designed and manufactured HPA products for almost 20 years. Ninja holds 12 pate nts in addition to manufacturing various regulators, fill stations, hose assemblies, and many other HPA products for various industries. Ninja is an active and contributing member of the ASTM Safety Committee and all Ninja products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Ninja's new LPR regulator allows players using low pressure HPA based airsoft guns to power their airsoft gun confidently with a regulated consistent flow of air. This regulator is made using Ninja's 20 years of HPA experience to ensure that you are getting the best performaing, most consistant and fastest recharging regulator available. With the Ninja LPR you do not have to worry about the pressure your tank regulator is outputting or purchase a new tank regulator because the Ninja LPR will take up to a 1000 psi input from any tank regulator you currently have. This version of the LPR comes with the Ninja Big Bore line and the gun side quick disconnect so you have everything you need to get your LPR going right out of the box.


0-160 psi pressure adjustment range

Aluminum sand blasted matte black finish
Max 1000 psi inlet pressure
Can be tournament locked with a ziptie and included cap
Threaded piston with 1/2-20 female thread for ease of maintenance
Spare O Rings included
Made in USA
Does not require a special tank regulator
Compatibility: PolarStar PR-15, Fusion Engine. Attaches to any HPA Tank.
Materials: Brass, Steel, Aluminum

Manufacturer: Ninja Paintball

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