OP43 Hard Gun & Instrument Case 136



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Special Agent hard plastic gun or instrument case.

This bad boy is solid as a rock! This will protect your loved possessions for sure, we personally use these at Outpost 43 to store our high-end paintball guns!

You can remove the little squares to fit whatever you want in there. Super customizable!

The hard plastic exterior of the case will absorb the impact from most bumps, drops or knocks. Great for when you're travelling on planes or when the gun is bouncing around in the back of car. The handle and the light weight of the case makes it easy and safe to carry when walking to the range or hunting ground.
Waterproof - has O ring around seam.
Lockable, has holes for padlocks (not included)
Customized foam inserts, just remove the squares that you want to fit what ever you want, snugly!
Airline approved for travel

The best protection of your Tools, Rifle, Instrument or accessories

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