Tippmann Marker Grease



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Tippmann marker grease is an approved warranty lubricant for Tippmann markers and other paintball guns that require lubricant. Paintball marker grease acts the same as marker oil but is thicker and stays on o-rings much longer as the required guns always hold a pressure within the gun, which means lubrication is a key part of the guns maintenance and operation. This grease is the required lubricant expecially for FlexValve markers as the X7 Phenom, X7 Phenom Mechanical & TiPX. Pick this up today as it comes in a small compact tube that can be carried around or stored easily in the gear bag!


Approved lubricant for the Tippmann FlexValve markers
1/2oz tube should last 4-5 maintenance cycles
Keeps the marker operating just like new
Should only be used with X7 Phenom, X7 Phenom Mechanical & TiPX Guns

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